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Self Cash Register suppliers
Key words: all in one pos terminal&#38171;&#23483;upermarket self checkout machine
Product parameter
Power VoltageDC 12V/5A
CPUHigh-performance CPU
Hard Drive64G/128G/256G SSD
SystemWindows 10
LCD Panel21.5 inch HD panel 1920*1080
Touch PanelG + G Capacitance Touch Panel
Printer80mm thermal printer with automatic cutter , supports 80mm diameter paper roll ,printing speed at 80mm / s ( max ) , cutter has a service life of 600000 times and reliable printing of 50km
QR Code ModuleHigh speed whole image scanning,support paper or panel 1D2D
Speaker3W 4&#24799;
MaterialsCold metal with painting
Options1. Optional integration of monocular , binocular , or structural light face recognition payment camera
2. Optional integration of 58mm thermal printer with cutter
3. Optional customization of different sizes screens
4. Optional integration of non-contact IC card , NFC , or second generation citizen ID card reader
5. Optional to choose desktop , free stand , wall mounted and other appearance
6. Optional integration of painting color , anti-fingerprint treatment , Etc .
Product Features&#38171;?/strong>
1. High-performance and high-stability motherboard platform, smooth running system and applications&#38171;?/p>
2. G + G high sensitive capacitive touch panel&#38171;?/p>
3. Support face payment, structured light camera can effectively deal with all kinds of light&#38171;?/p>
4. Can provide customization of appearance, configuration,and functions, with strong scalability&#38171;?/p>
Product Introduction:
In the traditional case, when a customer patronizes a supermarket, he needs to bring the selected goods and ask the staff to settle.
In this process, there may be problems such as incorrect settlement by the staff, and the staff need to spend time to settle the settlement and cause queuing.
With the help of Wabon all in one pos terminal HLS700, these problems are expected to be completely resolved.
Windows supermarket self checkout machine HLS700 with the QR code identification module, the merchant manager can input the QR code of all commodities into the terminal first.
After input, customers only need to align the QR code on each product to the identification area of the terminal, and the terminal can obtain the detailed information of the product instantly.
After the identification of all goods, customers can choose settlement on the screen.
After that, the terminal will list all the commodity lists and prices, and the customer can pay by scanning the code or face after confirming that there is no error.
It get rid of cumbersome cash settlement, make the whole shopping smooth and pleasant, free from the trouble of queuing.
After the settlement, you can choose to print the small ticket, save the shopping voucher, and complete the whole shopping process.
Windows automated cash register HLS700 povide customization of appearance, configuration.and functions.Self Cash Register suppliers

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